A Good Run to Clear your Mind


I’ve been a runner since I’ve been a kid. My parents, both runners, encouraged my sisters and I to jog at a young age. It has grown with me and I still thoroughly enjoy it.

Since having my children, I have struggled with my independence, and doing things for myself. I stopped excercising regularly, didn’t go out much with friends, and just wasn’t doing things to make myself happy.

Last August, I ran in my first 5K in at least four years. Running with other people made me feel determined. I ran on occasion by myself for different distances, but running with a group of people made me feel good. I decided that I would enter, and run in, one 5k a month.

I pre-registered for a couple 5ks months in advanced and have stuck to it. I have started running now at least three times a week to ‘prepare’ for the upcoming races. Wouldn’t you know it, but I even started ‘placing’ in my age group in some races.

Running has made me feel good again, it has become a hobby, it gives me the opportunity to set goals for myself and reach them. (I mean I ran a 25 minute 40 second 5K the other day! Wow!)

I get the chance to clear my mind on many of these runs. I think about things that I don’t normally get the chance to when I’m ‘moming.’ I think about different problems I have and hope to find solutions to them when I’m out on a jog. I get to talk to God, laugh, and even cry when I get this time to myself.

I will continue my 5ks for a year, and I’m hopeful to increase my mileage this coming August. I am taking it slowly and enjoying my growth.

Running has been a blessing for me. It has given me motivation, confidence, and peace. It has given me the opportunity to take deep breaths again, and, let me tell you,  it feels so good to be able to go out and just breathe.


4 thoughts on “A Good Run to Clear your Mind

  1. I identify so much with this post! Momin’ ain’t easy, and the mental and physical health benefits of getting out are so worth the effort it takes to get out the door. Good luck in future races!


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